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The Brandals

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Formed in late 2001 as The Motives in urban polluted Jakarta, with Edo Wallad on vocal, Bayu on Lead guitar, Tonny on Rythm guitar, Doddy on Bass and Rully Annash on Drums. Spent most of 2002 practicing and performing their own materials, as well as classic R&B standards from The Who, The Stones, Hendrix, Kinks, some Pistols and The Clash.

Early 2003, Edo left due to day job commitment as magazine editor. Enter Eka Annash (Rully's older brother), who intensified the whole song writing and performing activities, and changed the band's name to The Brandals. Throughout 2003 The Brandals been thru fire and high water, performing their string of original materials such as 100 km/jam, Lingkar Labirin, Marching Menuju Maut, Moonlight Chid, etc.

Recording process started on March to October 2003 in The Doors (East Jakarta) recording studio, which resulted in the released of their DIY debut album 'The Brandals'. The album, which distributed nation wide by a small indie label Sirkus Record, sold 10.000 copies. An impressive number for an indie releases. The Band continued their guerilla promo strategy, performed on underground gigs and uni / high school music events. Promoting their album to various medias, and gain national highlight as one of the most notorious rock n roll band from the capital state of Indonesia, thanks to their lewd, provoking, disorderly act.

Despite the disturbing image, The Brandals won critical approval from the medias and fans throughout the nation. Touring Java, Bali and Sumatera on 2004. Recording for the second album commenced on November 2004 at Studio 18 Jakarta. 14 new materials were recorded under Flystation label. Grueling working hours were paid off when the album's finished in May 2005. <br />
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After few months of distribution search, the band hooked up with Warner Music for a distribution deal nation wide and presented what would be their best release yet, the eclectic 'Audio Imperialist'. The album infused punk's ferocious, rockabilly's rhythm with country tinged rock n roll. Fuelled with lyrical contents that speaks urban life obsession on decadence, social injustice and rejected romance gone bad.

At the moment, the band's are in the process of recording their new materials for the 3rd album, tentatively titled 'Brandalisme' due out sometimes in 2007, also doing what they do best : touring, playing, spitting rough facts about the band's myth and bollocks...independently.

In 2009 Bayu n Dodi left the band. Now we have progress making our new album with Sinjitos Records and our 2 new members PM (guitar) n Radhit (bass)

Welcome to The Brandals experience!