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Daisuke Tsutsui has worked with major record label as songwriter, composer, vocalist etc and after disbandment of the group and the band, he started his solo project "Galaxy7" in 2008. Following year, he joined the electro label "MADSKIPPERS" headed by DJ TSUYOSHI. Tsutsui does songwriting, composing, arrangement, programming, singing, and performance all by himself and his music is written under the consistent concept with catchy melodies and edgy tracks. He breaks new ground in electro-rock with music that people can sing to, dance to, and listen to, gaining attention from core fans for his world view of music like no other. Tsutsui's unique style of deejaying + singing has successfully integrated dance music with live performance and his performance with the band also has been noted. His stage is visually entertaining with collaborations with artists such as Kabuki actor and martial artists. He has also been drawing attention from overseas, performing as guest artist for London's band contest "Battle of The Bands". He has been chosen as New Artist of 2006 for Madrid's FM radio station "Radio Circulo(100.4 FM)" His performance in New York and France tour in spring of 2010 recieved well reputation, and was chosen as a winner for BEST ELECTRO/DANCE SONG in AVIMA2010 MUSIC AWARD.