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Shark On The Move

    Genre : Psychedelic/Rock

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About This Act :

Shark on the move is a band who performs post psychedelic music and is also a fine mix between 2 different generation musicians. The band personnel are Benny Soebardja (ex The Peels, Sharkmove, Giant Step) as lead guitarist/vocalist, Erwin Badudu (ex Giant Step) as keyboardist, Rama Soebardja (ex Idealego) as drummer, Audi (ex Idealego) as bassist and Bagas Satyawaki on lead guitar.

Shark on the move performs songs from the song list of Sharkmove, Giant Step and Idealego mixed together. Their most recent concert was conducted at Hotel Borobudur's Music Room Lounge at July 23rd with the theme 'Rock 2 Generasi Benny Soebardja and Shark on the move'. The gig was covered by press and some print medias such as Republika newspaper and Rolling Stone Magazine.