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Little Space Donkey

    Genre : Psychedelic / Ambient / Folk Rock

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About This Act :

They keep asking " What does Little Space Donkey (LSD) mean?". Well, we can only say that we don't necessarily have the answer to it. We had chosen LSD, simply for it's uniqueness and it's ear-catching sound. We were just babbling around with that abbreviation and instantly fell in love with Little Space Donkey.

Doodling around was basically the first concept of LSD, where Congor (loops & digital manipulation), together with Irfan (bass & loops), came up with the idea of forming a group that exploits merely the sounds from the Fruity Loops, a digital audio workstation, to make use of their spare time. Afterwards, they started to build a concept which became a blue print to LSD's music later on: downtempo music that maximizes the ambience and evokes a strong tendency to fantasize.

While constructing the concept and create some tunes, they both felt some sort of weakness from guitar sound bank on Fruity Loops, and started to seek out a guitarist. Eventually, they met Amanda, and she agreed to join them. They were making frequent gathering by then, projected LSD's concept and finally fixed up the current songs they had.

Furthermore, they encouraged themselves to play up LSD's Myspace account ( and uploaded their songs. It was never expected for them before to get positive feedbacks from any Myspace users, neither local nor abroad. Still, there were several offers from foreign record labels to release LSD's album.

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