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Kadri Jimmo The Prinzes of Rhythm

    Genre : Progressive Rock

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The band was actually based on pain, according to Kadri, the frontman. "It was a heartache and we did meet each other in a hospital, while visiting one of our relative who was hospitalized at that moment." added him. The 'heartache' was due to his depression regarding the country's dissapointing pop music industry. "We are so sure, there're so many people out there who feel that their ears are being violated with those pop musics."
Their music is kind of eclectic, a mix between rock vs. jazz, covered in a progressive way. Kadri Jimmo The Prinze of Rhythm (KJP) are Kadri Mohammad (vocal), Jimmo (vocal), Fadhil Indra (keyboard), Iyoen Hayunaji (drums), Rifki Rachmat (guitar) and Ken Suke (bass).