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At the first, Purgatory was known as a Death Metal band that struggled in the time of ignorance in Indonesia. Any kinds of downfalls built these men even stronger and more optimistic in approaching their goal. Changes of members and performances brought them closer to perfection in improving their music, which obviously shown in their music and existence until now. Purgatory had their debut in 1994 by releasing their first 6 (six) songs in mini album, ABYSS CALL. In 1998, Purgatory got their first contribution with their song SAKARATUL MAUT in a compilation called Metalik Klinik I, produced by Rotorcorp, which was also produced their album AMBANG KEPUNAHAN in the next year (1999). Until then they improved them selves by adding turntable, sampling and one more vocal. In the end of 2003, this formation was established in album 7:172, featuring Eet Edane in a song titled PARANOIA, produced by ZR Production, with Sony Music Indonesia as the distributor. Echo of this album bounced longer than they expected, as how it attracted ears that put Purgatory in compilation albums. 2004, Morbid Noise Record put DRAGDOWN (7:172) in their compilation album called Metaloblast. As the next year, 2005, Purgatory made INSIDE as one of the songs in the compilation album OST Gerbang 13, this song was also contributed in compilation album Revolution of Sound, produced by ZR Production and Sony/BMG as the distributor. In the same year, M.O.G.S.A.W (7:172) was chosen to be put in compilation album called Planet Rock, by Sony/BMG. Then finally this year, Purgatory are : vocal SANDMAN, growl MADMOR, guitar L.T.F, guitar D.I.E, bass BONE, scratch & keys D'JACKAL, drums & samples AL, chosen to represent Indonesia by contributing one of their song DOWNFALL (The Battle of Uhud), in a project that Century Media (Germany) and Alfa Record (Indonesia) are now producing, aligned with the world's most powerful names, as : Napalm Death, Lacuna Coil, God Forbid, Shadows Fall and others. The compilation album called The Art of Metal. The song DOWNFALL (The Battle of Uhud) is taken from the album titled BEAUTY LIES BENEATH.