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Andra & The Backbone

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Andra & The Backbone<br />
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Born as the youngest of six brothers, Andra Ramadhan's first passion was to become a drummer. At that time, he could not afford a drum set and opted for guitar instead. It turned out for the better for Andra; he became the guitarist for Ahmad Band and Dewa (both bands are Ahmad Dhani's).<br />
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When he decided to escalate his career and established his own solo project, he got together with Stevie Morley Item and Dedy Lisan, and named the band "Andra and the Backbone". Debuting in 2006, the band broke through with songs such as "Sempurna" and "Musnah", paving the band's way into stardom. Recently, the band released a new single, titled "Jalanmu Bukan Jalanku". <br />