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As you will hear from their music, jikuNspraiN is different than any other groups currently occupying the Indonesian market. Their music is not simple. It is hard, yet their message is strong and clear, far from mellow. But, that does not mean they can be soft. Listen to "Untuk Dirimu" (For You) and you will see what we mean. When you see their performance, you will see their attitude is also different. They are real, brave, committed, and passionate. Optimistic!

Established by Jikun better known as "Jikun /rif" in 2007, jikuNspraiN is on a mission to enhance Indonesia music lovers' appreciation to Indonesian music and musicians. In particular, Rock. When asked why, Jikun will say he just want to share his passion and skills in rock guitar playing with hope to get better appreciation from the public to his music and that of other Indonesian music artists in general.

In 16 March 2009, jikuNspraiN released their second album "Sprained" to present a different taste, an alternative sound to Indonesia music lovers. Following the album lauching, jikuNspraiN performed live in front of their fans and café goers in Makassar, Denpasar, Surabaya, Jogyakarta, Bandung, and Jakarta.


jikuNspraiN is a band established by Jikun in early 2007. Jikun, better known as "Jikun /rif", is the guitarist of one of the top notch rock bands in Indonesia, /rif. In 1999 and 2000, /rif was awarded platinum gold albums by Sony Music. For Jikun, the main reason for establishing jikuNspraiN is to share his passion and skills in rock guitar playing. For this, he chose rock instrumental music.

In April 2008, jikuNspraiN released their first album entitled "jikuNspraiN" with 6 instrumental songs and 2 songs with lyrics ("Untuk Dirimu" and "Throwing Life"). This was made possible with help from Jikun's friends: Oktav (bass), Late Andre Chilling (drum) and Pongky Jikustik (vocal). Around 800 of only 1000 produced copies of this "indi" album was soldout.

New members were recruited by Jikun in July 2008, Bima (drum) and Megadalle (vocal) to replace Chilling and Pongky, as they already have their own engagements. The new "youngblooded" jikuNspraiN's first gig was in Jakarta Rock Parade on 13 July 2008.

Under NuBuzz label, jikuNspraiN released a new single called "Ngetop" in NuBuzz Compilation Album 1.2 of December 2008. While doing that, Jikun was preparing a new album. A video clip for Ngetop has also been produced.

The new album, entitled "Sprained" was launched on 16 March 2009 and include six rearranged songs (4 instrumental and 2 with vocals) from the first album and the new single "Ngetop". All in thick jikuNspraiN flavours. The album will also present a much better recording quality for their fans' enjoyment. Having been given sample of the new "Throwing Life" track, Asian Rock Rising of Tokyo, Japan already ordered some copies of the yet-to-be-released "Sprained"
Album, as they got good responses from their audience.