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After disbanding his legendary hardcore outfit for 10 years, Puppen; vocalist Arian 13 and old time friends, drummer Khemod and guitarist Ricky founded 'Seringai' ('grin' in Indonesian). Fueled by a desire to play a blend between Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Slayer, MC5, they began to jam together after bassist Toan joined. Seringai was already in the habit of constantly writing songs, and playing small gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. Shortly thereafter, the bassist left the band, and was replaced by Sammy.
Their fan base grows bigger, and named themselves 'Serigala Seringai' or, Seringai's wolfpack. Their fans also varied, ranged from 15 years kids to 40 years old school rock fans. In 2005, they released their album below the major label. Serigala Militia, was their best rock album in 2007-2008, an album without filler.