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Speaker First

    Genre : Folk Rock/Blues/Pop

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About This Act :

Established at March 2003, with a good formation; Reda as a vocalist, Bony at guitar, Beny at guitar, Sandy at bass, and Anton as a drummer, and not changing until now, they called them selves Speaker 1st. They try to rock Indonesia's Rock 'n Roll music industry by their debut album named "whatever you say", produced by Sony Music Indonesia.

With 14 songs in this album, they try to express all happiness and explore all enthusiasm from a young people whose love Rock 'n Roll very much, that's why you can feel a significant cultural of garage rock from their songs. Their fist single "Tak apa (kau yang pinta)" is an astonishing single with an amazing technical skill from a rock 'n roll guitar soul, we can called this song as their introduction to the public. Hearing those songs will bring our memory back to 70's decade, it feels like having the legendary Led Zeppelin versus Jimi Hendrix with a more modern British Rock from Stone Roses.

The disappointment feeling from Bony, Beny, and Sandy whose before having a band named The Experimental Jet Set which also including Marcell Siahaan as a drummer, and in the present he decided to be a solo singer. Thus causing they decided to having a new band, and they named This new 'Rock 'n Roll' band Speaker 1st.
Actually this formation already exist since 2002, but because of Bony should finish his last assignment in faculty of Seni Rupa ITB, they pending their present until March 2003. Then they invited Reda whom is an ex vocalist from a Jakarta legendary indie band – Susu Putih as their member.

At the beginning, Speaker 1st planned to play a song from The Charlatans UK. But after knowing each other better and realizing that they more enjoy to play Rock 'n Roll, make them agree to write their own songs and not playing The Charlatans UK's anymore, even in their practice.

Name SPEAKER was choosen coz they looking for some name which having the same meaning both in Indonesia and English, so it's easy to remembered. The most important thing for Speaker 1st is all people can listen and enjoy and love their music, not only in Indonesia but also around the world. Yes, being abroad is one of their dream, but they also realize that impossible being famous out there without support from their fans in Indonesia. That's why they start to write their song in English, and if we look farther, their English song is much more than their Indonesian song.

What they need is a chance to show their music, to enrich the color of Indonesian music, to make Indonesian rocking! Rock 'n Roll isn't dead………..