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Royal Ego

    Genre : Alternative/Rock

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This isn't a temporary or momentary bunch-of-people-hanging-out type of thing. Yes. Eno Gitara, Ernest Syarif and Gilbert Joshua felt the surge of what's left of their energy when they get together. Not that their main vehicles aren't running. But they mean to channel their bursting energy and touch its velvety sensation, that's all. While they met more and more frequently, a new musical form was evolving, emer-ging and they could feel its pulse strengthening. They needed a lead vocal to voice this new energy. Ernest's initiative to suss out his colleagues from hometown Bandung led him to Hendra 'Jawa' Bagya, a former lead vocal for much acclaimed indie rock band, New Market. He found his lead vocal. The group is now completed and gave birth to a fresh edgy sound of Quartet Indo Rock called Royal Ego. Next question would be: How will the music be presented? Will it sound like others or will it sound like a good blend of each band members' other bands? Some pessimistic arguments against the reality. Yet, the energy fused and gel into the embryo of what is now called rock a la Royal Ego. A new sound. Totally different. A debut single titled 'SENANDUNG', packaged as a modern folk song we hum in our head subconsciously while keeping all the esthetics intact. Ernest riffs are true to its portion and Eno's drum banging is emotionally timed to match the dynamic of the song. As the beat keeper, Gilbert adds a gloomy touch with his bass that sends pretty rush down your spine. In vocal, Jawa's distinct vocal character tells a different story from the lyrics he writes about everyday life's clichés in poetically correct manner. There's no doubt 'SENANDUNG' will become the fresh hope anthem for us all. Its positive ambience and spirit definitely pump extra energy to move us towards the mechanism of our routines. So hum away, my friends, because Life's a Song, So Sing It!

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