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    Genre : Alternative/Rock

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A band from Jakarta, started on November 2009. The band used to go with the name T.O.C.O.D which stands for \"The Old Curse of Death\". But later on they realized that the name sounded too \'creepy\' and on top of it; it didn\'t have any specific philosophy.<br /><br />
For that reason, they were determined to make an alteration of their name. Inspired from the Arabic word \"Hydar\" means \"Lion\", the guys then agreed to use it as a name, only they changed it a little bit into HYDER, which is also the abbreviation of \"High Young Dangerous Energetic Rock\". \'High\', because they want to put themselves on the very top place inside the Indonesian music industry; \'Young dangerous\', because they want to let the world know that they are, in a positive way, some \'dangerous talented youngsters\' who\'s not supposed to be disregarded. The last phrase, \'Energetic Rock\', means that the music they bring represents some Energetic Rock power. <br /><br />
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