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Silent Farewell

    Genre : Rock/Punk

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Silent Farewell is a friendly rock band from Jakarta. Formed in 2003 and continuously hitting the stages ever since, these five talented rockers kept on making and never stopped dedicating themselves to music. With their emotionally speaking and guitar-driven songs such as TV Shows and Glory, they wanted to share their voice of expression and put them into act through inspiring music.
Within several years of teamwork, Silent Farewell has experienced it all—from transitions of formation to various kinds of hard times. All the journey through time has led these five young men from different music backgrounds with a variation in music influencessuch as post-punk, post-hardcore, metal, to various sub genre of rock music and metalresult in a genre we simply call rock ala Silent Farewell. This formation of Harya Sekar Giwangkara (Iwang), Yosaviano Santoso (Yosa), Viza Mahasa (Viza), Arya Irvandy Maulana (Arya), and Adhitya Nugraha Pulukadang (Gogo) became solid until today.
Silent Farewell consists of two words; silent and farewell, for which each has its own independent meaning. Silent stands for a phase in a man's life where they find themself in the highest consciousness level that we believe to be the perfect momentum of creation, while Farewell represents an act of leave-taking. Therefore, Silent Farewell is the fulfillment of stepping forward from the present towards a better and meaningful creation.