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Yes It's You

    Genre : Electro/Pop/Rock

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Yes It's You is a spark for New School Order of music nowadays; a band peep out of class room boredom breaker and friday-night-mayday anticipation. They hail all protégé and give instructions how to turns a heavy-handed freshman year become unforgettable prom night.
A brief story…
Seemingly on a whim, Alabid a.k.a Friday (voc) and Selva (drum) started to record a song. On February 13th 2008, they posted it on myspace. The date where they posted their first song, commemorated as the band took shape. Beyond expectation, the song got upwards of thousands plays and downloads. Without any doubt, it turns to a big homeward. In line with that, these two kids tempting to make full band and make their party get louder. After shuffling band members, the band officially formed: Alabid a.k.a Friday (vocal), Selva (drum), Chandra (lead guitar), Icky (rhythm guitar & back voc), Heru (bass), Iba (synth & keys).
A week after their official formation, Yes It's You started to play local shows and then finally booked on Macbeth x Crooz tour. "We take good and bad at same time. It was amazing to introduce our music, play in front of 12.000 people, and make them sing along with us because they don't know who we were yet" Chandra said. Beside that, it was a great opportunity, because the tour was a debut tour that held in Indonesia.
Yes It's You brings the dance club ambience to the scene and put it gently, with a sound that ranges from power-pop to rock, glued together by heavy guitar riff, the melodies of an R&B song and the rapid speech of a rapper. "We love to mix what we heard and not play by the rules" says vocalist Friday. Chandra adds "We really like what people have been saying about us and always mentioned a few bands, not only one, to describe our songs. It shows we fuse what we heard so well. We think our music is something you haven't heard yet".
This year is going to be Yes It's You's year. After playing on local shows and a big tour, now they ready to wow crowds across the country with debut EP and gladly be joining your list of bands that are destined for greatness as the fabled "next big thing". Keep your eye appealed cause dreams on the making and love on the taking.