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Lull was formed on 2000 by J. Vanco, Dom Raditya, and Venendar Hambali, self-released their 500 copies first album Appetizer (2002). Soon to be called a "myth" noise.pop.rock.grunge.industrial mixed-up band, because of their sporadic gigs throughout the cities of Java, Indonesia. Followed by their player re-formation, which placed Hana Hasanah (from Clover) and Christian Nainggolan, inject a pair of fresh new blood in the band's vein. Body & Soul (2004) were released exclusively for their close friends and for the first time they have their music video (Renew) on MTV, just before J. Vanco decided to freeze the band because of an academic reason.

2 years after, they build a new musical direction and another new construction of Lull.
Now as a trio (J. Vanco, Aldi Pagaruyung, Christian Nainggolan), proving the masses about their "myth", they put a bombing shows on every chances they get. Recording process is on the edge of the finish line, and now after 3 years of putting tracks after tracks on the studio, they will soon release their official second album Death, a concept, a mirror to life, and as their salutation for life!!.