21 Jun 2012 15:46

How to Refund Your Java Rockin'land 2012 Tickets

Please read the instruction carefully. If you have any question, please call +6221 96810022/23 Mon-Fri during office hours.

1. JFP will refund all Java Rockin'land tickets that has been bought and paid for in full.

2. Please bring your valid ID and the ticket to be refunded.

3. For ticket buyers that will appoint another person to do the refund, then this person should bring the power of attorney and a photocopy of the ID of the ticket buyer.

4. The refund can be done on the 27th, 28th and 29th of June 2012 between 10:00 -18:00 WIB.

5. The following are the conditions:

a.If you bought your ticket through the following media and outlet:
i. www.javarockingland.com
ii. Java Festival Production Office (Simprug)
iii. Java Rockin'land Mobile Ticketing
iv. BNI Walk In Center

Then you can do your refund at Java Festival Production Office at: Simprug Galery Blok A1, Jl. Teuku Nyak Arif No. 10, Jakarta 12220


You can have your ticket money transferred to your bank account. Please send an email to ticketing@javaticketonline.com using the same email address which you used to buy the Festival ticket by Wednesday, 27 June 2012, the latest.

b. If you bought your tickets through the following media or outlets:
i. www.rajakarcis.com
ii. Disc Tarra outlets
iii. Ibu Dibyo
iv. Aquarius Mahakam
v. www.myticketstation.com

Then you can do your refund at the same place you bought your ticket.