23 May 2013 13:50

Sugar Ray Among The Headliners of Java Rockinland 2013

Towards the 4th Java Rockin'land 2013 scheduled on 22-23 June 2013, in the beginning of this week Java Festival Production the organiser of the festival have confirmed that Sugar Ray(USA) will appear as a lineup at Java Rockin'land 2013, the biggest rock festival in Indonesia.

Sugar Ray was started as a funk metal band that was formed in 1986, than they created several of the most breezily infectious summer singles of the late '90s, hitting on an appealing combination of sunny pop, lightly funky hip-hop grooves, and reggae lilt. They are gained fame when their hits "Fly" came up in to public with different style, and managed to maintain their career momentum far longer on a string of subsequent singles, including "Someday" and "Every Morning."

Fisrtly formed as "The Tories" then become "Shrinky Dinks" they change their band's name to Sugar Ray right after they signed with Atlantic Records in the late 1980s. Sugar Ray released their debut album, Lemonade and Brownies, in the spring of 1995. Dominated by aggressive funk metal, with touches of punk and alternative rock. Their second album "Floored" (1997) became double-platinum. 14:59 (1999), Sugar Ray(2001), In The Pursuit of Leisure(2003), and their newest album Inactivity and Music for Cougars(2006) are the other albums of Sugar Ray. After abandonment by Murphy Karges, Stan Frazier,Bullock the two remaining original members, McGrath and Rodney Sheppard replaced them to Justin Bivona(bassist) and Jesse Bivona(drummer) make different feel of this 90's band.

This American rock band concert will take place in second day of the festival on Sunday, 23 June 2013, hopefully could delivering a spectacular performance to the Java Rockinland festival 2013.So come and back to The 90's..