3 Jun 2013 17:24

Java Rockin'land, Lets Rock Out the Festival

This year ,the 4th IM3 Java Rockin'land is back in the middle of the year to rocked Jakarta with hysterical screams the rock lovers of the country. The biggest rock festival in Indonesia and it is scheduled to be held for two days on 22-23 of June 2013 at Pantai Karnaval Ancol Jakarta.
The celebration of rock music which organized by the Java Festival Production will give different atmosphere with diversity of genre that have been prepared. Combining with others genre such as pop rock, punk, and reggae to serve more unsettling essence. To get maximum enthusiasm and extraordinary, all performances will be focused on 7 stages.

Party of rock which held since 2009 provide international musicians who are ready to give their best performance such as the legendary rock band Steelheart, Sugar Ray, Collective Soul , Suicidal Tendencies, band with young members from Australia Last Dinosaurs, American duo Sixpence None The Richer with their famous hits "Kiss Me", three band from Taiwan Hellogoodbye, Go Chic, 88Balaz, and Utopia, and other musicians who will confirm in the near future.

Rock to metal musician from Indonesia are come from Andra and The Backbone, Gugun Blues Shelter, Edane, Pass Band, Jasad, Siksa Kubur, Efek Rumah Kaca, KOIL, Sore, Hightime Rebellion, Neonomora, Cherry Bombshell, Roxx, rumahsakit, Musikimia, Deadsquad, and another bands who's will increase the tension of spectators.
As a one of dream festival of rock lovers through neighboring countries, even though still in the young age, Java Rockin'land providing various facilities by placing the ticket box in different location through out the city with complete information that can always be updated from any location via online.

Road to Java Rockin'land
After the first session of the ticket sales are sold out no more than 48 hours, the second session were sold at the first month. The splendor will be created through pre-event which is prepared by Java Festival Production before the real big event IM3 Java Rockin'land 2013 came up to the public. This year Road To Java Rockin'land with the concept of convoy around Jakarta that started and ended with the performance of Indonesian musician will be held in the middle of June, 15th to 2 days before the biggest event on 20 of June. Beside Indonesian musician, several foreign musician was confirm to perform at the pre-event. During the event will be a ticket-selling booth with special price.
Quotes dari Indosat
Indosat is really support the development of rock music which dynamic and creative. In Java Rockin'land 2013, Indosat will give extraordinary advantages to all loyal customers of Indosat by give 100 free tickets through registration at www.murahituim3.com/javarockingland .
25% discount for Indosat's customers whos buy the ticket before 10 of June 2013 in the ticket box. At the event we will provide ervice program of Indosat Seamless Super WiFi which is a service with the fastest connection between all providers (up yo 20 Mbps). Do not forget to drop in Booth Indosat at the venue to get a SIM card from IM3 with phone credit Rp 22.400 in, which is applies to every JRL ticket's purchase during the period 22 of May to 13 of June , 2013.

So, lets rock harder than you ever think you can...