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    Genre : Metal/Rock/Thrash Music

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XSHIBUYA is a sole voice of 6 different individuals, with their various character and personality. Cianicolay (vo), Goh (gui), Wiwid (gui), Mario (ba), Rei (keys), and Obon (dru).
Started out as a `Tribute to Dir en Grey` band in their earliest days of performing. Before slowly expanding their wings to create their very own sound and music. As a fruit of their creation, on 2009 the released a mini album called, `Despair of Sorrow`, and with that, marked their first step as a independent musician.
They agreed to used that title because there are still so many sadness, death, starvation, abortion, domination, killing, blackmailing, human losing control of their world, suicide, corruption, divorce, war, betrayal, greed, guilt...and so much more horrible things that happens in this world including in their own country Indonesia. This album is a synopsis of their feelings and expression which represent conditions in the world nowadays...
Not so long after they release `Despair of Sorrow`, Obon, their drummer had to parted ways because o creativity differences, and with that, XSHIBUYA soon recruited Sandy, a 17 years old prodigy, as their current drummer.
With Sandy on board, they begin to write more musics and in 2010 they released 2 new singles called `Prevocalic Blossom` and `Psycho Killer`and with that, solidify their genre as `Nu Metal Experimental` Rather different than the sound they played in their older mini album.
They combined metal music, with a touch of classical sound, and throw a little bit of their unique taste of folks music. filled with so many kind of vocal sound, from high-pitched-ear-deafening shriek, to monstrous scream and deep growls, to arabian hum. Versatile vocal and powerful yet beautiful music is pretty much their trade mark. You might find some of their lyrics as cut-throat and disturbing, but in some other songs, you might actually listen and be comforted by their lyrics.
All in all, once they sucked you in, they will captivate you, turn you head and mind all twisted and upside down with their ideas of humanity and such a ludicrously cruel reality. and with that, their childish wish of ever changing this tainted and corrupted world to a better place might come true