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At the end of 1993 Ombat, Danang, and Yoyok formed a band called SKULL. With the character of music that was influenced by one of pioneers of the British grindcore band Napalm Death. SKULL originally consisted of four persons: M. Hariadi 'Ombat "Nasution (vocals), Dana Bhudiarto (Bass), Yoyo Radianto (Guitars), Denny Julianto (Drums).

Then, In the fall of 1994 Adam Mustafa joined the guitarist in this lineup, SKULL is the first Grindcore band with a touch of brutal death, released a mini "Demo Tape" Album in Jakarta. The title is "It's a Proud to Vomit Him" which contains of 4 songs: Primitive Jokes, Aggression, The Grave Torment and Moral Disaster (a song in Indonesian language).

After playing several gigs in promoting the release of the first, Adam stop being busy with daily work day! But. band still determine the rules of the game, aka keep it running, though running only with one guitar, the departure of Adam does not have an impact on the music minus the skull!

In early 1997, SKULL trying to spread the tapes until their merchandise throughout the world Underground by sending their goods to a trader tapes, distros, bands, magazines, labels etc. Anyone who is involved in the Underground scene and that they pioneered network! These efforts make a good result, SKULL has sold their demo tapes not only in Indonesia but also in other countries around the world. SKULL least prove the existence of Indonesian Underground bands! This can happen with the help of distro, magazine, bands and indie labels all of the network merchants from other countries to penetrate the USA, MALAYSIA, JAPAN, FRANCE, CZECH REP., RUSSIA, LATVIA, SPAYOL, POLAND, BELARUSS, CANADA, Singapore , INDIA, THAILAND, THE NETHERLANDS, MEXICO, ITALY, Brunei Darussalam and so on ..

One of the developments of all it is one of the distros and Japanese record companies (BLOOD BATH RECORDS JAPAN) interested in the SKULL. And Bloog Bath Recordpun Skull mini album that contains 7 songs in Japanese, it makes SKULL became the first Indonesian Underground band which released albums abroad! The album title is "Dying Poor".

In November 1997, SKULL re-entered the recording studio to record a song titled "Conflict 'to Compile Metallic Clinic (Indonesian Underground Compilation) not long after they got a deal with one of the biggest record company in Indonesia, namely Musica! And pioneering bands Indonesia others to take part in this project! Finally, at the end of December 1997 "Metallic Clinic" compilation available in record stores nationally, and all were distributed throughout Indonesia by MUSICA RECORDS INDONESIA. Until January 1998, had sold 60.000 copies in Indonesia only!

But behind all this. Skulls have to fire his old drummer is Dennis Julianto, we can not with him anymore because of bad attitudes among us all! So after the skull had to play with the help of drummer named Donni auditional of our neighbors band Suffering.

And after a long play with the concept of a guitar, skull eventually add guitarist line up with the presence of Hella Soon Tanisai (former guitarist for Trauma) to replace the position of Adams who resigned long ago. After playing in two performances, Skull Donnirimata decided to keep as a permanent member, and eventually left the Suffering Donnirimata old band to join the Skull. So the skull formation personnel were: M. Hariadi "ombat" Nasution, SH., (Vocals), Dana Bhudiarto, SH. (Bass), Haryo "Yoyo" Radianto, SI-H (Guitars), Hella Tanisan (Guitar), Donni Rimata (Drums).

March-April 1999, SKULL recording back into the kitchen at Magenta Studio to record the first full length album entitled Concentration MASS. This album contains 20 songs, such as actors, THICK SMOKE, GAWEAN ReGet, PRIMITIVE JOKES, chaos, MASS CONCENTRATION, business venture, licker, INSANE PERFORMANCE, LABOR, BUSINESS EJACULATION, DISABLED POLITICS, FAMILY SIN, MORAL DISASTER, DISKRMNASI, CHAOS OR RIOT , Aztec, Dogma, etc PROPAGANDA. Concentration MASS album produced by ROTOR CORP and nationally distributed by MUSICA STUDIO'S. previously shared by my colleagues on the indie label Skull network worldwide. The album is expected to spread widely through the community - metal community in Israel, Belarus, Republic Czeh, Portugal etc..

One month later, Heilla Tanissan quit the band for its own reasons (replaced by the Moron known named Opick in early 2000). Followed by our drummer's departure a year after that, to pay more attention in his office, but Dennis Julianto (SKULL old drummer) joined again in the fall of 2001. But Dennis was not as serious as expected by the skull to focus on the existence of this band because he was busy. So much hope has a skull like Donnirimatauntuk Drummer was with the team after repeated communication to menselarakan Skull busy with the bustle of work. And Skull return with the composition of two guitars plus 3 people who are ready to rip the ears of his audience.

April 2001 album titled Skull Mass Concentration re-released in Japan. And in May 2002 direct SKULL toured 16th place with a tour MONSTER OF ROCK TOUR (Gudang Garam Tour) with Suckerhead, Edane, PAS, traitor.

Along with the Monsters Of Rock tour, in May 2002 also, SKULL back into the studio to record "Pluit Phobia", a tribute album for the ROTOR project produced by Eleven April Rotorcorp & Rec. contains of 12 Indonesian bands plus one Malaysian band KHANNAZ SIL. Soon after this project, SKULL will prepare materials for the next album Abum By Title "CIVIL EMERGENCY" contains 14 tracks and Outro in September 2002. The skull is still known as grindcore with a crazy rock music and still spread the disease to the grindcore fans around the world!

But the skull had decided to disband in 2008. And they last toured in Monsters Of Rock tour 2008 along with punishment of the grave - qishash - DARK - BOROX - BLACK Ramstein - Darkness - INHUMANITY - handcuffs - BROWNSHIT - SORROW - Bleeding MERRY UNROMANTIC - FILTHBLANK - Jhonny & THE ROCKER SWINDER.

This has made the world uproar metal homeland. One of the important icons even one of the founders and the underground metal scene ground end to end. Especially to the fans who found a skull in the field by the editors punk Puritans, many do not agree Skull disband. After reaping a lot of good feedback from the observers of the metal community to criticism from his fans. In 2009 the skull back to the existence of the alias is not so dispersed.

Skull Ombat provide an explanation that the skull was like having a 180 degree change in ideology. Topic - diangkatpun topic that does have its own characteristic. If during this metal is identical to the alcohol, free sex, drugs and other negative things it clearly Ombat states "The skull of the first fight yourself, would my level band Slayer, Napalm Death to Lamb Of God dah I understand, for all the bands that taught Skull something that the younger generation they are destroying the enemy skull.

It is factual. Topic - topic is very strong anti-Zionist in the lyric poem in preparation for his new album Skull later. "Music is a weapon, just like the AK47 weapon for the opponent mujahideen used colonizers. Likewise Skull "explained Ombat in a small talk in the courtyard of the Great Mosque of Al Azhar to the editor brat Puritan.

Daus crustcore Gunxrose guitarist of the band also said "one thing that differs between the skull and other metal bands, skull it can go both among the top to the bottom. Maybe because they are already past the phase of the struggle is really from the bottom. And if talking to Ombat, like I do not see no distance between an artist and fans. Ombat can be fun, and mingle with anybody, they have a future with or labels Fans skull. "

While Udenk former guitarist and lead singer of The Cruel Bumbklaat that now exist in the band The Roots Of Medina said: "salam aja make Ombat .. greetings from my jihad"

The skull is a legendary icon that can not be matched. They started their career from zero to pound the metal world to the global metal scene. They're back! They exist! And their spirit will not die! Yeah right skull Rules!