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Lucky Annash

    Genre : Rock/Alternative/Powerpop

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About This Act :

Anyone that follows the music scenes in Indonesia (be it indie or mainstream) knows that singer/songwriters are a rare breed. If you`re lucky you`ll find some, but only less than a handful of them are worth talking about. Luky Annash, 25, is one of them. Luky Annash is a rare breed among a rare breed. When the term singer/songwriter is mentioned, one tends to think of a person standing on stage alone with a guitar and singing. This fact is true especially in our region. Luky composes and plays his own music, but above all, he uses piano as his main instrument.

When a male singer/songwriter plays piano, the stereotype tends to give an image of him playing sweet and sensitive romantic songs, but it does not apply in Luky Annash`s range. He twists the role around and let the piano plays him and follow his wild but yet defined-in-his-own-nature waves of emotion in each note he presses.

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, He has been playing piano ever since he was 14. He was trained to be a classical pianist but later expelled from a classical music school because of his preference in playing Nirvana to Mozart. He played in a number of times at some local bars during his study in Singapore before coming back to Jakarta and joining his brothers` band The Brandals and performing as a freelance keyboardist for TIKA in 2005. At this estimated time around, He began writing his own, piano-based songs. It seemed to him that the piano had been left being `secondary` in the current guitar-driven music industry and felt it is about time that the piano shall be risen.

His music and performance can be disturbing, melancholy and even childishly playful, but one thing for sure, they are always thoughtfully provoking. His lyrics are often personal, enigmatic and raw and tell stories of humanity that might seem familiar to everyday`s life but holds secretive sensation when being dissected thoroughly. Influenced by the likes of Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Harry Nilsson, Danny Elfman and Bjork, he will deliver the mixture of idiosyncrasy and common knowledge of decency through the course of any musical journey.