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Blood Red Shoes

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Blood Red Shoes is Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. We started this band in late 2004 after our previous bands broke up (they were called Lady Muck and Cat On Form respectively). We didn't really know each other that well but we started writing songs we liked very quickly and then started playing them live only a few days after our first practice. We always felt like there was an energy there although it's a mysterious force and you don't always know where it's taking you. We started releasing a string of 7" records in 2005 on a few different independent labels like jonson family and try harder, we would record them ourselves in our practice space on our 16 track tape machine then Laura-Mary would screen or design the sleeves. To this day we're very hands-on about every aspect of how our music is made, recorded and presented to the world.<br />
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In 2008 we released our first album, called Box of Secrets, on V2 records. We co-produced it with Mike Crossey and it encapsulates most of the live songs we were playing up until we recorded, plus a couple more songs we wrote just before we went into the studio. Before and after its release we toured all over UK and the rest of Europe and did some shows in Japan and the USA too. In 2010 we released our second album, Fire Like This which we also made with Mike Crossey. To date we've done something like 450 shows ranging from playing in the kitchen of someone's flat to 3 people, to playing below Rage Against the Machine to 30,000 Parisians.