About The Festival

Having researched the rock music biography, examined the heartbeat of the rock music spirit and delved into the thunderous sounds of the genre, Java Festival Production presents "Java Rockin'land". It is widely known that rock music is a phenomenon, which has the ability to infiltrate the souls of people of diverse ages and is delightfully incurable. In addition, the festival fosters cross-cultural cooperation to allow wider opportunity especially for the younger generation to enjoy world-quality entertainment. In addition, it aims to enhance the country's image and demonstrate to the world that Indonesia is a safe place to visit, promote music and tourism industry, and provide Jakarta with an event that strengthens its identity as a metropolitan city.

The Management

Java Rockin'land is a music festival produced by JAVA FESTIVAL PRODUCTION.

PT Java Festival Production (JFP) organizes some of the most noteworthy musical events in Indonesia, from the pride of Indonesian jazz festival, Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (founded in 2005, has attracted 106,000 visitors over the course of three days in 2011), youth-oriented hip hop, rap, soul and R&B festival Jakarta International Java Soulnation Festival, to single concerts presenting The Roots (2007), Diana Krall (2008), Jamiroquai (2009) and Andrea Bocelli (2011).

Furthermore, Java Festival Production also holds a number of special-themed projects. In 2007, Java Festival Production created a concept called "Children are the Future", a musical collaboration between Sadao Watanabe, Dwiki Dharmawan, Elfa Secioria, a troupe of young Japanese musicians and children of various nationalities from diverse international schools in Jakarta, collaborating to produce music that was heartwarming and phenomenal. "Children are the Future" took place on the morning of the third day of Java Jazz Festival 2007.

In 2008, as a tribute to environmental conservation, Java Festival Production held the "We Do Green Concert", featuring Slank, Nugie, Katon Bagaskara, The Brandals, The Upstairs, Kunci, Sister Duke, Yacko and many more. Also, in 2008, Java Festival Production, in conjunction with venue Moonlight House of Rhythm, also collaborated to present up close & personal mini-concerts of Alan Hewitt & Laura Jane, Michael Paulo & Pauline Wilson and Spencer Day.

Java Festival Production continuously strives to present high quality and well-organized entertainment. We have so many things in store for music lovers in Indonesia. Keep yourself updated!

Key Executives

Peter F. Gontha:Founder and Chairman
Paul Dankmeyer:Program & Artistic Director
Dewi Gontha – Sulisto:Production & Marketing Director