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    Genre : Pop Rock

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BACKALLEY is a pop rock band created by Dhyda Maryudha (vocals), Adhe Arrio (guitar / Controller), Rayan ( Bass ), and Dimas (drum) in the summer of 201 when they all meet together in high school.
Later on the band started to performs around Jakarta and competes in so many band festival.
In 2004 Gerry recruited for feeling in the guitar side to make their music more colourful backalley music in the mix sounds of pop, 70s music beat, and electro with the havy rock sound of guitar. So then here we are Backalley and we hope you guys can enjoy our music.

Hardrock ( Bali , Jakarta )
Pasar Festival Jakarta
Jakarta High School Events
MTV Station
O Channel (national TV station)
OZ Radio 2nd Anniversary
Opening for The Upstair (Indonesia Band)
Many more...

#1 on TRAX 101,4 FM Radio, Jakarta.
#1 on 90,8 FM OZ Radio, Jakarta.
#1 on 99.0 FM 99ners, Jakarta.
#1 on 88,4 FM Global Radio, Jakarta.
#1 on 102 FM Cassanova Radio, Bali.
#1 on Bvoice Radio streaming