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    Genre : Hardcore / Metal

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Jasad mean dead body in English formed somewhere in age of darkness. And this line-up ( Ferly :: Guitars - Man :: Vocals - Papap :: Drums - Yuli :: Bass ) is the most solid one since the album of Witness Of Perfect Torture which released by Rottrevore Records and being well published by Forever Underground.

After its era finished, Jasad back in action crushed the Dialog studio in 2005 to recorded their full force of brutal death metal style album called Annihilate The Enemy released by most supportive label based in New York Sevared Records.

Years of years the band never have a time to write new songs due to overwhelming never end gigs and several side true occupation.

Now in 2011, Jasad will be enter to studio again at middle of March to load new album material call REBIRTH OF JATISUNDA. It will be 10 tracks of total pure blasting holocaust combined with twisted neo classical riffage and occult lyrics based on Sunda's tribe history.

So the annihilation still continue...