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Wonder Bra

    Genre : Rock/Alternative/Powerpop

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Once upon the time in the big bad suburbia of Jakarta in 2005, five students from the so-called University of Indonesia were longing for a self-searching process (and something to do after class), and then decided to play some music. It was a hot sunny afternoon in the Faculty of Humanities, when Thera, not knowing her singing skills yet, asked Nosa to form a band. Nosa had had a band already named Girls on Fire, five boys playing whatever they like. Nosa and his bandmates, Asep the bass player and Edy Sembodo the drummer, decided to ditch the vocalist by telling him that the band should not play anymore since their music was going nowhere. However, he formed a new band with Thera, Asep and Edy the day after Girls on Fire rested in peace. Ditching mission succeeded. A devoted Hindu named Arya joined the band as another guitarist, forming the original WONDERBRA formation. The name WONDERBRA is the first word Thera can think of when the boys were asking her to name the band. No one cares about what it means, they just believe that being impromptu and spontaneous can bring some luck to the band. It sure did.
WONDERBRA then experienced many changes from 2005 to 2007. It started as a cover band for some 90s musicans, and then they started playing old school rock and roll and blues. They tried writing their own songs; as a result, they have Die Die Baby Die!, a short garage rock and roll song to burn the moshpit. Suprisingly, there were many requests from fellow musicians to see Thera singing Janis Joplin`s songs. And they did. Arya left the band for personal reasons, and left WONDERBRA with a space to fill for Asep`s high school friend from his hometown, Kuyut. Kuyut joined as additional player for more than a year and officially joined after the first album, Crossing the Railroad was released. Edy Sembodo left the band due to some reasons in 2008, and since then WONDERBRA has collaborated with many talented young drummers.

The Records and Achievements
In 2006, WONDERBRA signed a contract with a new indie record label from Depok, Liquid Independent Music Indonesia, and recoded 8 tracks for Crossing the Railroad. It became a significant stepping stone for the band, and the single Hell`s Kitchen reached no.1 in Adran Radio Bandung for weeks. After a number of gigs, in 2008, WONDERBRA started making the materials for the 2nd album. They recorded the single Indie-V and it was released in Provoke Compilation Vol.1 (2008). Indie-V made it to the top 5 finalist in Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Award 2010, sharing the nomination with Gugun and the Blues Shelter. They also released their first single written in Indonesian Tak Ada Cinta di Lemari online in 2010. In six years, WONDERBRA has performed in more than 100 gigs, some of them are RCT UI Backstage in 2007 and 2008, Indie Carnival HUT Serang 2008, Jakarta Rock Parade 2009, and Jakarta Blues Festival 2009.