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Polyester Embassy

    Genre : Psychedelic / Ambient / Folk Rock

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Long time no hear from this band ?
Well, after being considerably `lost` for almost 6 years, Polyester Embassy finally going to launch their second album titled `Fake / Faker`, released by FFWD records this year. But there is a reasonable premise on this procrastination. That`s why they`ll held a hearing season on behalf of your deeper understanding on the tracks.

`We lived in a third world, where first is the inventors, second is original, and third : there is only fake / faker. But it`s permitted and permissible (cut, copy, paste, edit, etc.) as long we could be responsible of it. What we heard, saw and idolized, that`s what`s makes us now`, Elang Eby said.
It take 2 years for this album to finished, and spite of it`s similar ambience with their previous album, they`ve added experimental sound characteristic that makes it sound more `ripe` in a way with a touch of vivid and optimistic tone, though we know word could never describe sound enough. Just listen to their first single `Space Travel Rock n Roll`. Yes, this album contain 9 tracks that surely worth the waits.

They`re also going to share their EP : Space Travel Rock n Roll that consists of 2 tracks : `Space Travel Rock n Roll (Radio Edit)` and `She`s a Fish (Demo)`. `She`s a Fish` it self is an unreleased song from their first album. This is a very limited EP, only 50 pcs : would be given on Polyester Embassy`s first 5 gigs, 10 at each gig. Keep following Polyester Embassy via their twitter : @PE_official or Lou Belle Shop`s twitter @loubelleshop and @FFWDRecords for more info update about their upcoming gigs or album.
Indeed, 5 years is a long wait journey, but hopefully you`ll be satisfied with their latest album through it`s 9 tracks. Keep your ear to the ground for Polyester Embassy, enjoy.