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Radical Of Revolution

    Genre : Metal/Rock/Thrash Music

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About This Act :

`Radical of Revolution` (Indie-metal band) is under the auspices of B2B music management. Consists of 5 personnel, `Radical of Revolution` used as a band name and became the soul of the band`s identity. As it`s name, the band want a music revolution in Indonesia, that the music was too general to be heard, so that many music lovers become bored with the existing attractions. Metal music is considered to loud music and noise are expected to be a powerful weapon to spread a message of peaceful humanity. `Radical of Revolution` present their songs in the melodic tunes that remain familiar to entertain music lovers that feel thirsty to feel the roar of sound metal music genre.

Name : Dimas Hendro Riberu `Dimas`
Position : Vocal

Name : Adi Susilo `Adi`
Position : Right-handed Guitar

Name : Hasbiandi `Hasby`
Position : Left-handed Guitar

Name : Danang Nur Rochman `Danang`
Position : Bass

Name : Danur Doro Widhita Adhi `Dorow`
Position : Drumer