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Fall Of Mira

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About This Act :

Since it`s incarnation in late 2007, Fall of Mirra have been known to produce fist pounding in`your`face music that indulges it`s listeners as to what the concept of life is utmost brutality is all about. Formed in late 2007, the band had its humble beginnings jamming & performing at small venues trying to gain exposure in this all the all so local music scene of our sunny island of Singapore.

Through constantly on the move to produce music as it was from the heart, and soul, their first breakthrough came when finished recording their debut EP entitled `Prelude to Destruction` in mid 2009. The response and hype generated by the launch of `Prelude to Destruction` far exceeded what the band had anticipated.

With their EP `Prelude to Destruction` in hand, Fall of Mirra were all set to conquer the local music scene with progressive brand of metalcore music. The band then landed itself in numerous gigs held both locally and overseas. From the shores of Malaysia to the southern peninsula of South Korea, Fall of Mirra had successfully performed at such overseas venues which again received favorable response from its overseas fanbase.

Till present, Fall of Mirra continues to strive producing and performing their brand of progressive metalcore music to the masses. The band is constantly on the move to creation new and inspirational songs of hope, despair and angst.