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Ray D Sky

    Genre : Psychedelic / Ambient / Folk Rock

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About This Act :

This project was first born a number of years ago, when Aray was in the process of changing his way of life to a more comfy and easy-going one. Bongky gave him his first inspiration for this style of music. Together, Aray and Didit, guitarist of Aray`s previous band Plastik, began recording this album.
In 2007, Aray began recording sessions that would become a debut record entitled `Released by Reality` (demajors, 2009), then Aray asked Didit to lay down some guitar work on tracks. Upon invitation to continue recording the next day, Aray met up at the studio with longtime friends, keyboardist & percussionist Iwan and drummer Aci. Both are also members of the band Steven & Coconuttreez. The session would spawn not only the song `Compassion`, but the framework for Ray D`Sky.
As Aray is also a member of Steven & Coconuttreez, and the other players have all been involved with their own bands, this project has been a work in progress.
In the summer of 2008, the chance arrived for these five uniquely talented members to reunite in the studio and dig deeper into the chemistry that was born during the `Released by Reality` recording sessions. It was soon apparent that their instincts were correct, as the record quickly began to take shape.
In May 2009, the band debuted their new material in the Black Hole Night concert (local independent movement), where they also breathed new life into the Bob Dylan / Jack Johnson classic `I Shall be Released`, which has since become a staple of their life set. The band is scheduled to tour extensively across Indonesia in 2010.
These unique group of musicians we have compiled will mark a ray of light in the music industry, therefore we have chosen the name of this project to be Ray D`Sky.