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Early 2002, Jakarta, Indonesia. After a year disbanding his legendary hardcore outfit for 10 years, Puppen, vocalist Arian13 [Puppen, Aparatmati] and old time friends, drummer Khemod [from Bandung thrash grinders, Aparatmati] and guitarist Ricky [from Jakarta's finest hardcore band, Stepforward] founded SERINGAI [`grin` in Indonesian]. Fueled by a desire to play a blend between Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Slayer, MC5, they began to jam together after bassist Toan joined. SERINGAI was already in the habit of constantly writing songs, and playing small gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. Anthem songs like `Alkohol` [alcohol] and `Membakar Jakarta` [burning Jakarta], are the crowd`s favorites. SERINGAI became more popular and the shows were beer soaked and the sing along, slamdancing, stagediving never stops. Shortly thereafter, Toan left the band, and was replaced by Sammy. The band recorded 9 songs including a cover of Black Flag`s `Jealous Again`, and released High Octane Rock EP in 2004 in tape format on their own label, Parau. Many shows in support of the tape, and without proper promotion they have sold about 15.000 copies of High Octane Rock EP. They even got offered to write songs for local movie soundtrack, teenage flick Catatan Akhir Sekolah and horror flick 12:00AM, both movies was also a success. Their fanbase grows bigger, and named themselves `serigala seringai` or, Seringai`s wolfpack. Their fans also varied, ranged from 15 years kids to 40 years old school rock fans. In 2005, the CD version is released. The CD version was highly anticipated, and with different and exclusive artwork, it has sold 2000 copies in just 2 month. This time, the CD was distributed by Off The Records/Universal Music Indonesia. Playing from club gigs to stadium festivals, SERINGAI never failed to impress people with their sound, energetic live show, and antics. In 2007 SERINGAI released their full length, Serigala Militia, which acclaimed high praises from mainstream and underground press. The album itself shows maturity but still gaining high impact of the heavy rock blend that`s been a trademark from the band. Songs like `Mengadili Persepsi [Bermain Tuhan]`, `Amplifier`, `Citra Natural` becomes crowd`s favorite anthem, more experimental/doom metal song like `Marijuanaut` is another expanded songwriting from the band. Serigala Militia was the best rock album in 2007-2008, an album without filler. Now SERINGAI is gearing up for their second album, and also in the process of editing their own home video, Generasi Menolak Tua, which consists interviews with the band, fans, high profile music journalists, and a lot of live footage, videos, and road mayhem. This year, SERINGAI is scheduled for those releases and a lot of shows, meaning it will be an exciting and interesting year for the band and of course, real heavy, high octane fueled rock fans.