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Here we are in the dawn of the new century. Long gone are the days where true heroes were being worshiped and did all those magical things, that made them legendary.

Now in the rise of the new age, people are trapped in the fascinating world of frenzy technologies. Everything is instant and virtual. Even music is instant, made as a slave of capitalism. Your pop stars are a product of a casting show and none of your 21st century rock stars sing words anymore that can make you feel, that you rule the world.

We the believer, miss the real element that once inspired and made us believe in ourselves. However, we the believer refuse to go down into the world of this plastic reality and virtual madness. We the believer choose to create something that can make people believe on something again. Something that can burst inspiration from your heart and make us feel that the day we were born is the greatest day ever. That particular something is our music.

One day you`ll wake up and see the greatness again, which has always been there in the center of your own universe. One day you`ll stare at the sky and realize a glorious day lies ahead upon you. One day you`ll feel the morning sun kisses your everlasting youthful face and hear millions of inspiring sounds buzzing in your ears. When that day comes, you will be revealed by the sounds of the believer. Those sounds are the Wonders of Enlightenment.