25 May 2011 20:26

Java Rockin'land 2011 Ready to Go

If this was a car race, Gudang Garam Intermusic Java Rockin'land 2011 (GGI-JRL 2011) is at the starting line. The festival's engine has been making revving sounds since Java Festival Production (JFP) completed its mission to hold the "Andrea Bocelli, Live in Concert" project last May 15th.

Actually the tune up of GGI-JRL 2011's engine has been going on since end of March 2011. Paul Dankmeyer (Program Director) has been approaching the management of diverse international groups, whilst Eki Puradiredja (Program Coordinator) and team who are in charge of selecting the Indonesian rock groups due to perform at the festival, have also begun organizing the names of groups to be invited.

President Director of Java Festival Production, Dewi Gontha, stated, "Although we had to prepare and promote Andrea Bocelli's concert, we did not halt our preps for GGI-JRL 2011. We did decide to postpone the announcement of the names of artists due to perform at the festival to avoid overlapping promo activities."

The Art of Inviting Rock Groups

For the last couple of months, rock music enthusiasts in Indonesia have started sending in their wish list of performers they'd like to see perform at Gudang Garam InterMusic Java Rockin'land 2011. JFP has been accommodative of the wish list, although fulfilling it 100% would not be easy. "Scheduling and pricing (of artists –red) are the main challenges in getting the bands on the wish list," shared Paul Dankmeyer. "The fee that comes with getting certain rock bands are high. Festival organizers at first usually bargain for a lower price," continued Paul.

"The thing is, ticket prices for visitors must not be affected by the rocketing fees of the rock bands. That's why we also try to maintain affordable ticket prices for GGI-JRL, so that rock enthusiasts in Indonesia can still come to the event," added Dewi Gontha. At the moment, JFP has received confirmations from a number of international rock groups, including from the Philippines.
Gudang Garam Intermusic Java Rockin'land 2011, scheduled for 22, 23, 24 July at Carnaval Beach Ancol, is due to present The Cranberries (Ireland), Thirty Seconds to Mars (US), Happy Mondays (UK), Neon Trees (US), Blood Red Shoes (UK), Franco (the Philippines) and The Dirt Radicals (Australia) and many more.

Since there are so many Indonesian rock bands that wish to perform at GGI-JRL 2011, the program team are still in the midst of selecting the groups to be invited to perform. They plan to consider great rock bands and bands with the most request by the festival goers to perform at the festival. Just like all of JFP's festivals, Eki Puradiredja will also prepare a special project specially designed for GGI-JRL 2011.

Words From Sponsor

Gudang Garam

Continuing the tradition, this year Gudang Garam international proudly runs its third consecutive year as the title sponsor of Gudang Garam International Java Rockin' Land 2011 (GGI-JRL 2011) through its Gudang Garam InterMusic initiative. GGI-JRL 2011 is even more special with a special endorsement course for young spirited rock lovers all over Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, and Yogyakarta; because 160 lucky winners of "Rock Your Way to GGI-JRL" will be provided with transportation, full accommodation, and free ticket to see GGI JRL 2011 LIVE. More information, please visit www.GGintermusic.com .

BNI Supports Java Rockin'land 2011
BNI's support towards rock festival Java Rockin'land 2011 is a continuation of BNI's 2011 music program after BNI's previous involvement at Java Jazz Festival 2011 (March 2011). This participation is one of BNI's commitments in supporting the development of musical industry as part of Indonesia's creative industry. According to BNI, rock festivals are the ideal place for BNI's target market and segments. Whereas rock enthusiasts are young and inspired people involved in the latest technology, seeking for ease and practicality.


TEBS' brand management observed (KEY ISSUE): There is a significant relevance between TEBS' brand and consumer with the character of GUDANG GARAM INTERMUSIC JAVA ROCKIN'LAND.
Therefore (OBJECTIVE) : We hope the character and awareness of this event will strengthen the targeted audience preference towards TEBS and bring positive impact in building TEBS' brand and business.

Early Bird Tickets
As usual, JFP offers early bird tickets for GGI-JRL 2011. For any updated info on ticketing and performers, GGI-JRL enthusiasts are recommended to follow the festival via Twitter (@JavaRockingland), Facebook group (Java Rockin'land) and also check out the official site www.javarockingland.com.

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